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Programming Adapter for Displays
  • programming adapter for Rawet R24 display and Lumel N20, N24, N25 ... and others
  • programming software for RawetStudio2 and LPConfig

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Rawet Studio2 3.2.

Current version of the program for setting up transmitters and other devices.

Description of parts

  • Rawet Studio Analog
    This part is designed for setting all converters with current output (except converter SET, which is out of production). It also can setting converters with analog output (current, voltage) type ISOL. Outside of this can also be configured relay TS, display DPR and also converter PHXC. It's recommended to use adapter AY-USB for communication.
  • RS485 ASCII
    We use the ASCII part for settings most of converters with RS485 ASCII output (except converter DSL, which is out of production). The application needs to comunnicate via a converter to RS 485, which looks like COM port in the PC. We recommend use the converters AY-USB/485.
  • RS485 ModBus RTU
    We use the ModBus part for settings most of converters with RS485 ModBus output. The application needs to comunnicate via a converter to RS 485, which looks like COM port in the PC. We recommend use the converters AY-USB/485.

Change in version 2

  • New user interface
  • Full support for new types of converters
  • New system update
  • Acceleration of application

System requirements

The application is made for Microsoft Windows operation system.


  • Microsoft Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP1 (32b i 64b edice), Windows 7 or highter edition)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
  • 12 MB RAM a 4 MB free disk space.
  • Installed drivers for AK-USB (or another converter serial port to USB)


Frequetly Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • The device has been found, but report as unsupported
    You have used older machine that had an old concept and is no longer supported. To set this device, you must use old version of Rawet Studio.
  • I don't know, which COM port I have to use
    The easiest way is run Rawet Studio Start (orange icon) and click on button on the bottom labeled "Find COM port." If the application cannot find the port, try to verify drivers installation.
  • I have connected the device, but application cannot find it
    Check, that you use right part of application (Current output, RS 485 ASCII or ModBus). Output type is written on front label of device. Another problem is bad COM port or communication parameters. You can use function "Find the device" to get right communication parametrs (on ASCII or ModBus - current output devices aren't connected on a bus).
  • Device was found, but the program can not identify the type of application and cannot work
    The error is in the obsolete definition file. Try to put the menu Update. To update the application program it is necessary to assign administrator privileges over access to their own folder (for Security Policy modern Windows systems)..
  • There isn't right linearization files in a application folder
    Follow the same procedure as above.
  • The device is reported as unsupported
    Some devices are no longer in the new version to support. Therefore, use the older version of the program Rawet Studio
  • Why the program requires access to the internet
    Runs only check the latest version on the Internet. Also need connect to download linearization and definition files.