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with stainless head

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Temperature sensor with stainless head, proof design, IP68. Designed for chemicals and food industry.
  • Thermometers has the same parameters as common design with aluminium connection head „B“:
  • Without transmitter (analogy PT50, PT50H, PT50J, PT55):
       - it can be use Pt100/A, B, from two to four wire connection, double sensor, Pt1000, Ni1000, KTY, PTC, thermocouples…
       - basic design Ø8mm, -25…+200°C (T=c. 10sec) or –25…+400°C (T=c. 25sec)
  • With transmitter (analogy PTP50, PTP50H, PTP50H, PTP55):
       - it can be use transmitters
          • PP200 with output 4…20mA
          • PP300 with output 0…10V  
          • PX300 with output 4…20mA with galvanic isolation
          • PPL100 with output ASCII or MODBUS
       - any measuring range <-50…+80>°C, min. span 50°C
       - another parameters are shown in the datasheet of used transmitter
  • screw fitting: M12x1,5 M12x1,75; G1/4, G1/2; M20x1,5; M27x2, G3/4..
  • stem from stainless steel Ø 3, 4, 5 6, 8 or 10mm

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